Refund Policy


If the goods or services received are defective or not fit for purpose, a full refund or replacement will be provided. Please note that products cannot be returned due to change of mind or incorrect choice. This replacement extends to damage caused in-transit.

We guarantee that our goods:

  1. Are of acceptable quality. This means they will be safe, durable and free from defects. They will be acceptable in appearance and finish, and do the job such things are usually used for.
  2. Match the description given to you although may differ slightly in presentation as product are all hand-made.

How do I contact Catering Project if I feel that I am eligible for a Replacement, Refund or Return? Within a reasonable time after the sale email and place in the Subject Title: Refunds and Return and your Business Name. We welcome you to attached images explaining your questions. Please provide details about the manner in which the goods fail to serve their purpose, or are defective.