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What Sweet Treat Platter Is Right For Your Next Special Occasion?

Different cultures celebrate special occasions in different ways. But there’s one way we collectively celebrate – with sweet treats. We’re talking everything from a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day to a traditional wedding day cake.

Today we’re going to dive deep into how we celebrate with sweets and give you too many delicious examples of sweet treats for lunch boxes.

Celebrating Special Occasions With Sweet Treats For Lunch

Let’s look at different occasions and what lunch box sweet treats you should celebrate with.

Valentine’s Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day, does your mind instantly think of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate like mine? Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like peanut butter and jelly. But you know, chocolate comes in all different forms.

So for something different, why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a Brownie Platter filled with chocolate brownies? The small platter includes 12 mini brownies in three different flavours: Belgian chocolate and walnut, raspberry and white chocolate, and charred orange.

Another option is the Sweet Croissant Platter. The three croissant flavours are almond frangipane, Nutella with chocolate crumb and dark chocolate drizzle, and spiced apple with vanilla crumb and white chocolate drizzle. Are you drooling yet?

Visit our Valentine’s Day page closer to the special date for even more sweet treats for lunch boxes. We certainly like to celebrate in style.


It’s not a birthday celebration without a birthday cake, right? Let the birthday boy or girl have their moment in the spotlight as they make a wish and blow out the candle.

Celebrate your work wife or husband with our Vanilla Cupcake Platter (buttercream frosting included) or Doughnut Platter. You can still add a candle to both! Here’s a glimpse at the doughnut flavours they can indulge in:

  • Pink chocolate and yellow sprinkles with red fruit filling
  • Milk chocolate and hazelnut with dark chocolate filling
  • White chocolate and coconut with caramel filling

Besides work, we also have a range of sweet treats for a kid’s party. While our platters can cater for any party size, they also make perfect lunch box sweet treats or party favours. Besides cupcakes and doughnuts, our Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream Pop Platter is always a party hit, as is our Mixed Party Lolly Platter. It includes a combination of Oreos, Freddos and treats from The Natural Confectionery Company. Because does anyone do better lollies? We think not.

Check out our kid’s party collection for more inspiration (spoiler alert: there’s a fairy bread platter). While we celebrate with sweets, it’s also common to give sweets at a birthday party. Gifting one of these platters is an instant way to win someone’s heart.


We know Christmas is all about savoury options like baked ham and fresh prawns. But personally, we’re partial to Christmas sweet treats. Sweets bring people together year-round and no occasion is more important than Christmas.

We think our housemade lamingtons are made to sit front and center on the Christmas table. They come in multiple colours/flavours like pink, yellow, green and traditional brown (chocolate). They’re almost too pretty to eat.

Every year we also create limited-edition sweet treats for Christmas. This includes Christmas brownies, Christmas cupcakes, individual pavlovas and summer berry trifles, and fruit mince tarts. Let us help you tick one thing off that never-ending Christmas to-do list.


Speaking of festivities like Christmas, cultures around the world use sweets to celebrate different festivals. For example, people distribute traditional sweets during Diwali to commemorate the occasion. Celebrating with sweets is said to bring the person good luck, prosperity and happiness.

In some cultures, people also offer sweets to the gods during religious ceremonies as a symbol of their devotion. In return, they might get a sweet as a blessing from the gods. Ganesh Chaturthi is an annual Hindu festival where sweets are served to gods as Prasad. Then people will gift modak laddu, which is Lord Ganesh’s favourite sweet dish. Modak is a sweet dumpling made with milk, sugar and cardamom.


Easter – the Easter bunny’s time to shine as we celebrate by eating our body weight in chocolate Easter eggs. If you have an Easter event, our platters make catering a breeze. Pastel colours are typically associated with Easter, so our Sweet Time Party Platter is perfect. It includes brownie and buttercream cake pops, as well as pink chocolate doughnuts with yellow sprinkles and red fruit filling.

Another option is the Sweet Tart Platter. We pair white chocolate, lemon curd and Swiss meringue tarts with raspberry mousse tarts. Check out our Easter page closer to Easter for even more treats. Trust us, you’re going to want to bookmark the page. We go all out!


Just like birthday parties are incomplete without cake, so are weddings. The cutting of the wedding cake is an essential part of Western weddings. In other cultures, grooms and brides exchange sweets with each other or give them as wedding favours.

Today, while couples often keep the traditional cake, they’re also adding a unique dessert option. These might be stands filled with tarts or cupcakes, or a doughnut wall. Our platters would work for all three.


How do you mark your wedding every year? With more sweets, of course. Show your love and appreciation for your husband or wife with some surprise sweet treats for lunch boxes. While an ample selection of platters is available, you also have the flexibility to craft a personalized assortment using individual treats.

Because you know what? Their anniversary is the one day of the year they shouldn’t have to share! Depending on their preferences, you can choose between individual sweet tarts, mini croissants, mini brownies and mini doughnuts.

So no matter the occasion, Catering Project has an extensive collection of sweet treats for lunch available. We also have delicious vegan options. Check out all our sweet treats available for delivery in Sydney and Melbourne to make your special someone’s day.