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Looking for an easy way to elevate even the simplest events? A well-crafted sandwich platter is your answer. It’s a truly effortless crowd-pleaser perfect for parties, meetings and gatherings of any kind.

Not only do sandwich platters bring some class to more casual events but they’re a great choice for accommodating tastes and diets of any kind.

They’re also budget-friendly, quick to organise and suitable for a wide range of occasions too.

Here, we’re exploring the several advantages of serving sandwich platters.


Sandwich platters are a great option for anyone with a keen eye on their budget. They pack a lot of punch for their price and are a really smart choice value-wise.

Catering Project can offer super affordable rates for sandwich platter catering, while still ensuring premium quality. It’s easier to source high-quality sandwich ingredients at reasonable prices and this benefit is passed on to customers.

For example, if you’re looking to cater for a kid’s party on a tight budget, then the fun and cost-effective Party Finger Sandwich Platter is perfect for you. It’s easily paired with a timeless favourite and Australian icon in the Fairy Finger Bread Platter.

Amidst the rising cost of living, a savvy event planner can take advantage of sandwich platters in Sydney or sandwich platters in Melbourne while avoiding the big city costs.

Range for Every Taste

Serving sandwich platters means delicious flavours and countless options for all your guests. There’s a truly impressive range to choose from, ensuring everyone has something they’ll love.

Just take our Big Lunch Platter, for example, which comes packed with exciting options and fresh flavours to discover.

This ever-popular premium platter includes rice paper rolls, salad rolls, triangles and assorted wraps. In other words, we offer more than just your traditional sandwich so as to not scare off your gluten-free guests.

Another excellent serving option is the Mini Wrap Platter, which comes in two sizes based on your serving needs.

With one easy and delicious platter, you can provide a truly tasty meal for all your guests. Even the most hard-to-please guest won’t be able to resist coming back for seconds with so many incredible flavours on offer.

Crowd Favourite

Forget about worrying over whether or not your guests will like the food at your next meeting.

You can be comfortable and confident in the fact that sandwiches are a crowd favourite and will be an absolute hit.

One of the most beloved and timeless options includes the Finger Sandwich Platter. This traditional platter of delicious finger sandwiches is perfect for entertaining casually or impressing clients.

Unlike many other more complicated and extravagant serving options, you can be sure that everyone at your event will love at least some kind of sandwich.

If you’re thinking more of a casual sit-down setting, then you’ll love the Mini Slider Platter.

This is the perfect stress free menu option, boasting four fabulous flavours that include a dairy free and vegetarian option.

Catering sandwich platters are a classic and excellent choice guaranteed to elevate your event.


Sandwich platters are an incredibly convenient and flexible option to impress the guests at your next event.

No need to worry about the weather or how you’re going to transfer your elaborate catering setup. A sandwich platter is a deliciously convenient option, that is easily moved with your event and easily loved by all your guests.

A sandwich platter is a picnic favourite, a workspace classic and a great choice for any indoor or outdoor event.

High-quality premium sandwiches are the smartest and most convenient choice for a flexible event planner.

Dietary Flexibility

There are plenty of sandwich options to support people with dietary requirements.

You have the flexibility to select from vegetarian, non-dairy, gluten-free, or nut-free choices.

No need to worry about whether or not your guests can even eat the food you’re serving. There is a wide range of delicious and popular alternatives to explore.

Our Premium Cali Veg Sandwich Platter is an absolutely divine vegetarian option. With so much flavour packed into these platters, even the carnivores will be sure to devour these delicious vegetarian options.

Or you might prefer the rich taste of the Premium Mushroom Sandwich Platter. This is another incredible vegetarian option and it’s perfect for everywhere from the company boardroom to your back deck with a couple of beers.

Sandwich Platter Catering for Any Kind of Gathering

Another benefit of sandwich platter catering is that you can pull off any kind of gathering – big or small.

Executing the perfect corporate event is a big win. The trick to nailing the food at bigger and more professional events is to pick a real crowd-pleaser.

The Bread Project is a signature lunch offering, filled with a selection of gourmet sandwiches, mini wraps and mini sliders.

It’s got the best food from a bunch of other platters all rolled into one convenient choice. A perfect sandwich platter like this will help you pull off that big corporate event with ease.

But if you’ve got a smaller event that could use some world-class catering, then a sandwich platter is still a great choice.

They’re affordable and fully customisable. If you know your guests a little better, then you might choose to craft your own collection of Mini Sliders, choosing the perfect flavour for each person.

Next Day Delivery on Sandwich Platters in Sydney & Melbourne

Whether you’re planning an important corporate event, a fun family gathering or big corporate soiree, a sandwich platter is the perfect catering choice.

You’ll avoid big city prices and guarantee the best food with a deliciously fresh sandwich platter.

Not sure how many people you’ll have? You only need a day’s notice to order the perfect amount of affordable and tasty Triangle Sandwiches. No need to settle for less when you’ve got so many convenient and cost-effective options from the Catering Project!

We’ve got you covered with swift next delivery on our sandwich platters in Melbourne and Sydney.

Whether you’re hosting a small get-together with some friends or an exciting office event, you can’t go wrong with deliciously fresh sandwich platters from the Catering Project!

Check out our wonderful range of premium sandwich platters today!