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Your Guide on Choosing the Correct Sandwich Platter

The best events start with the best food. A sandwich platter is a timeless favourite that your guests are guaranteed to love.

Not only do they bring a well-deserved splash of class to your event, but a sandwich platter is a great way to accommodate every taste and diet.

Choosing the right platter is key to pulling off a truly successful and impressive catering event.

What are sandwich platters?

A sandwich platter is any collection of sandwiches for your guests to enjoy. They're affordable and convenient and a favourite for everyone.

Sandwiches generally include a variety of flavours and types for all your guests to explore. The most important thing about a successful catering event is making sure your guests have plenty of options to choose from.

However, sometimes having lots options can drive up the cost of your event. Buying all kinds of different foods is great in theory but can become quite a hassle. A savvy event planner can take advantage of the ever-popular sandwich plates.

You can feel confident and comfortable knowing that an assorted sandwich platter will have delicious options for everyone.

Types of Sandwich Platters

There are endless possibilities to explore with a sandwich platter. And with so many delicious flavours, you'll want to make sure to pick the right box for your event.

Throw the best party on the block with our Party Finger Sandwich Platter. This affordable and popular option is a favourite for parents everywhere and includes twenty ham and cheese finger sandwiches and salted popcorn. After all, the best way to stop the sugar high is to get some good high-quality food into them.

For those organising a more official office event or classy birthday celebration, our Gourmet Sandwich Platter is perfect. It's filled with rich flavours and is guaranteed to impress at an office event or big family get-together. There are also vegetarian and dairy-free options within the platter, so you can cater for everyone all at once.

Don't let dietary requirements hold you back as an event planner. Our Salad Sando Platter is another popular vegetarian sandwich platter, boasting with lemon myrtle smashed avocado, beetroot relish, pickled carrot, alfalfa, spinach, tomato and cucumber on a wonderfully soft damper roll. Now that's a vegetarian option that'll get all your guests excited.

If you're still struggling, then we recommend our Finger Sandwich Platter, which features four classic flavours. This simple and well-loved spread fits right in at any event.

Key Ingredients to Consider for Your Sandwich Platter

We all know how to make a sandwich but you might not realise just how many exciting flavours and ingredients there are to explore.

There are plenty of classic combos like cheese, tomato and ham. Another ever-popular choice is chicken, lettuce and mayo or even cream cheese and cucumber.

A truly impressive sandwich platter should offer an assortment of flavours and ingredients that all your guests will love. Our Mini Wrap Platter is a catering platter featuring up to five incredible fillings. It explores rarely-seen flavour combos like pulled beef with sriracha mayonnaise, dill cucumber, roasted red peppers and baby tatsoi.

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Not only can you experiment with all kinds of incredible ingredients and fillings, but you can also try different breads. This can be as simple as offering a rye or sourdough option or as bold as scrapping the bread entirely.

One of the most adventurous spins on traditional sandwiches is with our NY Lox Bagel Platter. The delightfully different ingredients include Lox Bagels with smoked salmon, dill cream cheese schmear, capers and rocket.

You can't go wrong with tomato chicken, lettuce, cheese or ham. Even less common flavours like beef, tuna and egg have their place in a sandwich spread. When choosing your sandwich box, don't be afraid to experiment with new and exciting ingredients.

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Planning and Menu Design

A well-crafted and well-balanced sandwich platter menu should feature a variety of options that can be enjoyed by every guest.

The best way to ensure a well-loved menu is to carefully consider the options yourself. That's why we've gathered a convenient collection of all our sandwich platters. You can even filter by dietary requirements like dairy-free, gluten free or vegetarian.

Food Safety and Hygiene

All our sandwich platters are delivered fresh and lightly chilled to guarantee the safety and health of our customers.

We offer next-day delivery at a time that works for you. If your event doesn't start straight away, pop your sandwiches in the fridge.

Simply putting your sandwiches in the fridge is enough to ensure their food safety and hygiene.

Portion Control and Quantity

In terms of portion control and quantity, make sure that you order the right amount of food for your guests. Making sure you have at least one and a half sandwiches per person should keep all your guests satisfied.

If you choose a finger sandwich platter, then we recommend more like two to three per person. However, more filling options like a slider from our Mini Slider Platter are normally enough to feed someone.

It's important to consider the nature of the event, whether it falls over mealtime and for how long it will be going for.

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Sandwich Platter Catering for Special Occasions

A great sandwich platter can take the hassle out of catering. Try a gourmet spread for a corporate event or a proper feast for a wedding. Whatever your special occasion, there's a sandwich platter from our delicious range that can surely take your event to the next level.

Explore our incredible variety of sandwich platters to find one that's perfect for you and will suit your event.

Consider Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

As an event planner, you learn how to read a room. Always try to finish an event with some key takeaways to see what worked and what didn't. If there was a particular platter that everyone loved then you'll probably want to order that again next time.

Customer feedback is everything; you can use client reviews to improve your service. If people wanted a greater spread of options, then you might prefer a more assorted sandwich platter. Or perhaps there was a stronger desire for vegetarian platters than you thought.

Learn from customer feedback to build on your success and improve your event for next time!