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Employers are responsible for maintaining a safe, inclusive, and healthy workplace for its employees. This goes beyond encouraging teamwork, mutual respect, and constant communication regarding professional matters. It also includes encouraging them to look after their physical health and well-being so they can remain focused and perform optimally. You can jumpstart this by serving whole food snacks at the office.

But what’s crucial about paying attention to the type of work snacks your team munches on throughout the day? Let’s find out.

Start the Day Right With Healthy Whole Food Snacks

As cliché as it sounds, breakfast really is the most important meal that a busy individual can have. It replenishes your supply of energy, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep you alert, energetic, and focused throughout the day — even among employees notorious for not taking breaks as often as they can.

Given this information, let’s dive into the importance of encouraging your team to have breakfast, along with the benefits of preparing healthy snacks for offices.

What Makes Breakfast so Important?

Always encourage your team to have breakfast, whether they prefer a light gluten-free breakfast for one or a full breakfast for one with a side of fresh fruits. It replenishes energy and regulates blood glucose and glycogen levels. As a result, it can improve an individual’s overall metabolism and boost their physical activity.

Healthy breakfast food and whole food snacks are also rich in calcium, iron, fiber, folate, B vitamins, and other vital minerals and nutrients that maintain an individual’s vitality. This is particularly important if you want your employees to come in to work with a go-getter attitude and still have time for themselves outside work hours.

Of course, a filling breakfast also boosts brain power. People tend to feel sluggish and unfocused if they always skip breakfast. So to improve mental performance and the ability to focus on the task at hand, it’s worth investing in healthy work snacks.

How Can Breakfast Be Made Easier For Employees?

People don’t actually have the same 24 hours. Someone could have laidback mornings, while another might be busy with housework or sending their children to school.

In this case, you can still support your team by preparing a classic breakfast pot platter or Catering Project’s Signature Breakfast Pot Platter so employees can satisfy their mid-morning hunger with a nutritious and filling snack.

Alternatively, if you are hosting a breakfast meeting or a business conference that starts early in the day, the participants are likely to be more energetic and focused on the task at hand if their stomachs have had a fill of healthy snacks for work. So, for example, serving a fruit pot platter or a mini quiche platter could do wonders for the atmosphere.

Take Breaks and Enjoy Healthy Snacks For Work

Amidst the hectic everyday atmosphere in the workplace or at a business conference, it’s natural for people to plan which healthy snacks to take to work. After all, it’s essential to replenish the calories and restore the energy that gets burnt down throughout the day.

  • Take breaks to eat regular meals

We’ve already touched on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. However, it doesn’t mean employees should skip other meals when they’re particularly busy. In fact, they should be encouraged to eat regular meals to better concentrate on their tasks and maintain high energy and a positive mood all day.

  • Consume healthy snacks often

Never underestimate the benefits of snacking frequently, especially when you’re working long hours. These little snacks help employees maintain good energy levels. Additionally, taking time away from the desk for short snack breaks can help employees feel refreshed and reset their minds between long hours.

  • Leave the desk to eat meals and have snacks

Some employees opt to eat at their desk, especially when they have packed lunches or to-go meals. However, this could only be more draining for them because they subconsciously stay in work mode and don’t have time to unwind. Encourage them to leave the desk for meals and snacks so they can be more productive by the time they return to continue their work.

  • Research the best food for work

Quick research goes a long way when choosing the best office snacks for your team. Educate the team on the nutritional value of different types of food and the varying impacts of snacks on their concentration and energy levels. For example, brown rice, eggs, and fruits like apples and bananas can help them maintain enough brain fuel to last through the day. Meanwhile, high-fat and high-sugar snacks cause a drop in energy and overall function.

Explore different whole food diet snack ideas you can serve in the office, along with recommended healthy snacks to take to work. This way, people will feel more compelled to take breaks and can warm up their stomachs with something filling.

Don’t know where to start? Baby frittata platters and vanilla protein ball platters are some of the best office snacks out there. Employees can get a tasty fill of healthy carbs from mini frittatas while they can treat themselves to a sweet serving of protein as an alternative. The critical thing is switching up these snacks now and then- so the team can look forward to it and take a break for some lunch snacks for work.

Let’s Discuss Healthy Snacks For Offices

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