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State of Origin is a timeless Aussie tradition. You get a few mates around, eat some great food and watch some awesome footy. Players have to fuel before the big game and fans love to fuel during it.

Catering for you and your mates can feel like the performance of a lifetime. You have to watch the timing of everything to keep it nice and hot. You need to worry about the dietaries, stop that one friend from hogging the chips and coordinate a seamless snacking experience.

It’s a bloody big job for one person.

But no stress, Catering Project has you covered. With our mini sliders, classic spreads and tasty snacks, you’ll be a ready-made legend this State of Origin.

Setting the Scene

But first things first – let’s get everything sorted for our favourite footy showdown. If you’re feeling festive, snag some blue or maroon streamers. Or you can hang up some bunting, maybe even dust off that old lucky scarf.

Make sure everyone has somewhere to sit around the big screen and that your living room is all decked out in your team’s colours.

Setting the scene is about getting that great footy vibe. Then you can move on to the fun stuff – ordering your footy feast.

Classic State of Origin Party Food

Catering Project has everything you need for a great footy feast with mates. Let’s kick it off with the ++Gourmet Pie and Sausage Roll Platter++.

There’s nothing better than hot meat pies and sausage rolls delivered straight to your door. We’re talking lamb and rosemary pies, butter chicken, beef and burgundy – all your favourites in one mega gourmet parcel, with three smokey savoury sauces.

For those who like it simple, the ++Gourmet Party Pie Platter++ is an absolute winner. This platter is packed with plenty of Aussie beef pies and three great sauces. It’s tasty, easy and a guaranteed hit.

The ++Mini Hot Dog Platter++ is another classic State of Origin food. There are plenty of milk bun hot dogs to go around and it makes a great combo with our party pie option above.

If you’re looking for something a little classier, then you’ll love our ++Schnitzel Bites Platter++. Our housemade chicken schnitzel bites come with caper aioli, sriracha aioli and lemon wedges. It’s tender, crunchy and a little bit saucy.

We’ve got all the classic footy food for State of Origin.

Mini Sliders Catering for Your Footy Feast

If there’s one thing we love, it’s our tasty, popular and perfect-for-sharing mini sliders.

Our ++Maple Bacon & Egg Slider Platter++ is so good you’ve just got to try it. We’re talking maple glazed bacon and egg in between two soft buns, flavoured with a couple of great sauces. It’s the perfect big meal for your State of Origin party food.

But nothing can beat our ++Salmon Gravlax Slider Platter++. All fifteen salmon gravlax sliders have avocado, jalapeno and preserved lemon between soft fluffy buns. This mouth-watering slider platter is a catering knockout.

Bold Footy Food for State of Origin

The following platters are not your average State of Origin party food. We love a footy pie as much as the next person but there’s always room to expand the playing field. After all, when it comes to state of origin, the motto is go big or go home.

The ++Lemongrass Chicken Bao Bun Platter++ is about as good as it gets. Picture crunchy lemongrass chicken with rainbow slaw, Nam Jim and lime mayo in a beautifully soft bao bun. It’s got the crunch, sauce and flavours to become the next footy food icon.

If you’re looking to show your mates how special they are, then the ++Grilled Sushi Platter++ is about the biggest gesture you can get. It’s a treasure chest of Japanese cuisine, perfect for snacking all game long. There’s grilled salmon nigiri, scallop nigiri, fried ebi nigiri and even crab leg nigiri.

But the crown jewel in this spectacular platter is the spicy tempura prawn dragon roll. It’s a definite showstopper.

This platter is so delicious that we’re worried the actual origin game might be a letdown in comparison.

Here’s another great platter with the same pesky problem. Try our ++Karaage Chicken Skewer Platter++ which is expertly seasoned with sides of spicy sriracha mayo and fresh, zesty lemon wedges. It’s satisfyingy crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy on the inside.

These are definitely bold flavours for brave hosts. Plus, with platters this delicious you might start a new State of Origin tradition.

Looking Out for the Vegetarians

Great mates bring something everyone will love. That’s why we offer awesome vegetarian and other dietary requirement options.

We’ve got something all your mates can enjoy, from dairy-free to gluten-free to vegan, you name it.

The ++Chickpea Falafel Slider Platter++ is so good it’ll get the meat eaters poking around. Look, I know we already talked about sliders earlier but we couldn’t resist. Mini sliders catering deserves a second shout-out.

It’s big, crunchy and a banger of a vegetarian burger.

If you’re looking to mix and match great vegetarian options, then you’ll love our ++Gourmet Vegetarian Bites Platter++. It includes pumpkin arancini, sweet potato empanadas, beetroot buckwheat fritters and our vegetable pasties.

Plus, there are three delicious sauces– tomato relish, chipotle mayo and minted yoghurt. If you’re looking to share, swap and snack on one big platter, then this is a great choice.

Another fan favourite is our ++Chickpea Falafel Bao Bun Platter++. This next-level bao bun features chicken falafel with tahini, iceberg lettuce and garlic aioli. This is one of the best vegetarian options for the whole group to enjoy.

Our goal with our vegetarian options is to create platters so delicious it’ll make the meat eaters think twice.

Drinks for the Big Night

When it comes to State of Origin, you’re with your team all the way. It’s the same when choosing which ice-cold beers to bring.

All the Queenslander mates will happily scull down ++Great Northern Super Crisp++. But for a few weeks every origin season, blues fans won’t touch the stuff. Don’t worry, we’ve got our very own ++Byron Bay Brewery Lager++.

Looking to avoid an all-out brawl over which beer brand you buy? ++Mountain GOAT Lager++ is brewed in Victoria and is a nice neutral choice.

Hassle-Free Ordering and Delivery

Here at Catering Project, we guarantee next-day delivery on all your favourites. With just a few clicks, you’ll have your dream footy feast ordered and at your door in no time.

Even if your team doesn’t come out on top, you can still win big with great food from Catering Project. Host a meat lover's feast or a vegetarian extravaganza with our endless catering options and become the biggest State of Origin party on the block.

Order Your State of Origin Food Today

We’re proud to offer the best State of Origin food hands down. It’s fast, delicious and built to be shared with mates. Our only problem is that with party food this good, you hardly need the footy at all.

We’ve included plenty of links to all our favourite sliders, bao buns and party pies. But as captain of this party planning ship, feel free to check out our full list of ++State of Origin party food++ (we recommend having snacks handy because you’ll get pretty hungry).

So grab your mates, dust off your old team jersey and get ready to cheer your team to victory – because with ++State of Origin Food++ this delicious, everyone’s a winner!