Catering Project Sydney

The festive season is the perfect time to celebrate the end of the year, exchange gifts and enjoy delicious seasonal food with friends, colleagues and loved ones. However Christmas lunch or dinner can be both the best and most stressful part of Christmas. Whenever you’re the host, it can feel as though you’re spending more time in the kitchen sorting out the Christmas catering than anywhere else in the lead-up and on the day itself (no matter how prepared you are!)

As experienced caterers ourselves, we understand that it’s a busy time of year and with gifts to buy, events to attend, and work to wrap up, you probably don’t have time to worry about how you’re going to organise the perfect festive spread for your office or your family at home. So whether you’re planning a meal with clients and colleagues, a traditional Christmas feast for family or a last-minute cocktail event with friends, we have a range of Christmas catering options for a memorable (and relaxing!) experience. Our lunch and dinner options take all the preparation out of your Christmas – we’ll deliver to your doorstep, so all you have to do is serve as-is or reheat!

No matter how many people you’re feeding, organising professional caterers for Christmas Day is a decision you’ll be glad you made.

Christmas Breakfast Catering

Christmas morning is a special time. Whether the kids (and big kids) are up early with excitement, or you’re enjoying a slow-paced morning in bed, your Christmas morning will be even sweeter if you don’t have to start the day in the kitchen, except to make the coffee! Our Sweet Croissant Platter, complete with three different flavours, is the perfect companion to unwrapping gifts under the tree. Or, gift yourself a special delivery of our Breakfast in Bed Grazing Platter – what could be better than crumpets, Pepe Saya butter and lemon curd, chocolate dipping sauce, ham & cheese croissants (ready to be heated up), fruit, pastries, edible flowers and Italian rose sparkling wine to start the day off with a celebration.

Christmas Lunch Catering

The gift that keeps giving on Christmas Day is food (and the many leftovers that keep you going for days). What’s not so much of a gift is having to prep and cook all your Christmas home catering yourself.

Luckily, that’s where we come in! Lunch can often be the main meal of Christmas Day, and an Aussie tradition we love is a seafood feast to celebrate Christmas. Whether small or large, it’s the perfect lunch option for the warm weather we have with a southern hemisphere Christmas. Our ultra-fresh seafood platter comes complete with baby gem and pecorino salad, baby chat potato salad, and bread and butter pudding with glazed fruits and brandy custard.

Our All-Day Grazing Platter is another excellent option to see you through Christmas lunch. Featuring cheddar, brie and goats cheese, salami, prosciutto, dips, pastries and fruit, it’s perfect for more informal lunches where more people are mingling than sitting. Complement your summery Christmas lunch with a seasonal fruit platter, or offer delicious vegan pastries or a mixed lollie platter as a cute light dessert option, or an addition to your main dessert.

With Sydney Christmas falling in the summertime, a picnic is a lovely daytime Christmas lunch option as well. Hold your family feast outdoors with our selection of picnic platters.

Christmas Dinner Catering

Even though our Aussie Christmas isn’t in winter, there’s nothing more festive than celebrating with a Traditional Christmas Feast – that is, nothing except when you don’t have to cook it yourself! Traditional Christmas dishes can often be labour-intensive, require a lot of prep, or take forever to cook, so ordering home catering on Christmas Day is the perfect way to provide the full spread – while actually getting to enjoy it yourself too.

Our Traditional Christmas Feast will make all your wishes come true! Think a freshly made glazed, boneless leg of ham, and slow roasted chicken ballotine, with trimmings like classic potato bake with thyme, parmesan and garlic cream or baby chat potato salad, baby gem salad, and bread and butter pudding with glazed fruits and brandy custard. Everything is delivered cooked and chilled with heating instructions – all you need to do is remember to order it at least two days in advance.

If you’ve absolutely stuffed yourself at Christmas lunch, then perhaps a lighter dinner may be called for on Christmas Day. Having our Charcuterie Artisanal Cheese Platter on hand means you don’t have to leave your food coma to make sure everyone has plenty to snack on at dinnertime. Similarly, whether you’d like some sweet nibbles to go with a light Christmas dinner, or you’re doing the full feast in the evening and want some extra options alongside the main dessert, our crowd-pleasing Brownie Platter works perfectly with its Christmas-appropriate flavours of Belgian chocolate and walnut, raspberry and white chocolate, and charred orange.

Ordering home catering on Christmas Day means it’s as festive and traditional as always, just easier than ever before. Make this Christmas a cracker by not having to lift a finger! Get in touch now to discuss how we can help.